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Godpromise Adeola And Oluwafunmibi Oyeyemi Took Ondo Town On Their Wedding Day


Godpromise Adeola  And Oluwafunmibi Oyeyemi Took Ondo Town On Their Wedding Day

…..Thanks wedding all and sundry

It is no longer news that  wesleyan alumnus, Godpromise Adeola and her long time heartthrob Oluwafunmibi Oyeyemi decided to formalize their long time relationship as both lovers inked down matrimonial agreements in Ondo town.

The latest couple in town were on cloud nine as they attributed their lives and relationship journey to Almighty God.

Godspower and her hubby Oluwafunmibi all smiles on wedding day

“Any relationship without involvement of God won’t lead to a meaningful destination, so I give the Glory. My soothing balm, “Yemi ‘ is not just my husband but also my best friend. We have actually come a long way, and I never for once doubted his unconditional love for me which was geared towards my decisions to spend the rest of my life with him,” Beautiful bride Godpromise accounted.

For her husband: “Today is one of my happiest days in life, not just about the wedding but  marrying someone like my beautiful ‘Godpromise’. She has been for lovely and extremely understanding, despite the little challenges, she kept her cool to help me sustain the relationship till this term,” handsome looking husband Oluwafunmibi disclosed.

Godpromise Adeola , was a student of Biochemistry in the college of natural and applied sciences at Wesley university of science and technology, Ondo and her international business man Husband, Oluwafunmibi Oyeyemi who studied Wildlife and Ecotourism at University of Ibadan , signed up marriage document amidst their parents, friends and well-wishers at Ondo west local government Registry, Ife road on 24th, May 2019. The couple however proceeded to the Engagement venue,  Event royal opposite Sunny sky hotel, Ade Super road 2, off Ademulegun Road, Ondo.

Godpromise and Oluwafunmibi, on behalf of their families appreciated wedding guests, friends and everyone who deemed it necessary to make their wedding ceremony a beautiful one, and Prophesied that Almighty God in his infinity mercy would shower blessings upon their well-wishers across the Globe. Records have it that Godpromise Adeola has joined the list of Wesleyan alumnus, who have quitted Sisterhood/ single life in recent times.


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